Leaking Water in Your Home Plumbing? You’re Also Leaking Money

Don’t let yourself be lulled into a false sense of security: those tiny drips in your pipes cost you more than you think. If you’re worried about spending money on a plumber, think about how much you’ll end up spending in the long run if you don’t correct the problem immediately. With the enormous expense of unnecessarily higher water bills, it makes more sense to call a plumbing expert in Marietta, Georgia sooner rather than later. A professional can help you deal with these issues before any more of your hard-earned money leaks away.

Small Leaks Are a Big Deal

Tiny leaks in your plumbing system can be easily undetected, leaving you with a gigantic water bill and no clue as to how it happened. For example, did you know that leaking toilets are the most common source of waste? They can siphon out up to hundreds of gallons in one day – a substantial enough amount of severely impact your total usage. Testing your commodes is easy. Check the tank level to see if it’s spilling into the overflow tube. If so, you’ve got seepage. You can also try dropping food coloring or a leak detector tablet into the tank and wait thirty minutes. If the supply in the bowl changes color, call a plumbing expert in Marietta, Georgia right away.

Don’t ignore your service line, either. A few simple observations can tell you if you’ve got issues. Look for hissing sounds from your main shut-off valve when no water is in use or water trickling into your basement near the service line. If you’re experiencing a significant drop in pressure, that’s also a sign that you probably have a leak.

Put an End to Your High Water Bills

Plumbing is more than just taking care of clogs or dealing with damaged pipes. An experienced professional helps you deal with correcting waste and fixing problems before they balloon into havoc-wreaking wonders inside your home. Find a plumbing expert in Marietta, Georgia to put the kibosh on astronomical bills and to take control of your water costs now. Contact RooterPlus for more information.

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