Kitchen Drain Clogged? Get Help With Plumbing In San Diego

by | May 24, 2016 | Plumbing

There is nothing worse than turning the water on in the kitchen sink and it begins to bubble up instead of go down the drain. Though sometimes a simple plunge with a plunger can do the trick, more often than not the clog will require a more extensive remedy from a company that deals with Plumbing in San Diego. Some people go for years without a kitchen sink clog and others seem to deal with them on a frequent basis. One main reason for this stems from what is washed down the drain. Oils, grease and large food debris will cause the sink to clog often as the drain is constructed to accommodate water and soap, and only a small amount of food debris.

When cooking, much of the food gives off grease, such as what is left in a large roasting pan after cooking chicken. Others may cook french fries or other fried foods in a pan of oil, disposing of the used oil down the drain when it’s time to clean up. These oils and all others from cooking should never be washed down the drain. They should instead be placed in an empty container, such as a coffee can or jar after they have cooled off. Then they should be disposed of in a waste receptacle. If they are washed down the drain, the hot grease tends to coagulate when it comes in contact with cool water in the pipes. Eventually, this grease gathers into a large clog that can easily stop up the sink’s drain. When this happens, frequently it is necessary to call a company that deals with Plumbing in San Diego, such as Workright Plumbing. They will remove the grease and allow the drain to work properly again. Similarly, leftover food waste should not be washed down the drain. Even with a garbage disposal, it’s important to be aware of what is going into it. Many plumbers must either clean out or replace garbage disposals because large food items, that should have been thrown away, have been ground up in the disposal.

When in doubt if something can safely be washed down the drain, err on the side of caution and throw it away instead. That simple choice can make the difference between dealing with a clogged sink full of dirty water or a clean and shiny sink.

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