Improve Your Home Plumbing Using a Repiping Plumbing Service

Failed plumbing can be a real problem, and this is especially true with an older home. Some older homes use iron pipes which corrode over time and eventually need to be replaced. Other homes have been piped with low grade PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) that can degrade over time and may eventually fail. Even worse, your fresh water supply is under constant pressure, and some older plumbing setups simply can’t handle the stress. When your pipes begin to give, it is time to consider a Repiping Plumbing Service. Replacing your plumbing can eliminate random leaks, dirty water, foul tasting water, and numerous other problems.

Repiping can be as simple as replacing the lines to your kitchen or bath, or as complex as replacing all of the pipes in your home. New pipes might involve the fresh water supply or the waste water lines. With a really old home, it might even be both sets of pipes. In some cases, you may decide to plumb the whole system even though there is only a portion of the original pipes that are damaged. Your decision should be based on a thorough survey of the existing pipes and an understanding of how difficult it may be to change the old pipes at a later date. In some cases, it may be easier to run all new lines instead of patching the system a little at a time.

You will want to consider carefully which type of replacement pipe to use. The common choices today are PVC and copper tubing. PVC is generally very budget friendly, but it doesn’t handle extreme cold very well. If your PVC is exposed to nature, be sure to have it properly insulated. Copper is generally preferred because it provides a durable plumbing setup with leak resistant connections. This is because the fittings are usually soldered together. This gives both an excellent joint seal and easy installation. PVC joints need to be glued, and the adhesive needs time to cure properly. If your plumbing is getting old, or has become prone to leaks, it may be time to consider a Repiping Plumbing Service. You can learn more by contacting an expert like North Coast Plumbing, Sewer and Drainage.

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