Great Hand-washing Habits to Keep Germs Away

Kids too often try to eat anything they get their hands on. From dust bunnies in the corner to imaginary cakes in the mud, they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty. While you aren’t squeamish, you know how easily bacteria and germs can get into everything. That’s why instilling the importance of hand washing into your little tykes and tots cannot be overstated. The more they know how crucial it is to wash their hands before eating or after they’ve played outside, hugged the family dog, or crawled around the garden after bugs and worms, the more they’ll remember to do it even when you aren’t there to remind them.

Keeping Hands Clean
The Centers for Diease Control and Prevention or CDC reminds you that clean hands saves lives. With clean hands, the number of people who suffer from diarrhea as well as respiratory diseases should gradually decrease. All over the world, children with no access to clean water suffer from these diseases, and sometimes die. Clean hands can help stop the spread of illness where you can help it. So protect yourself and your family from germs by regularly washing your hands with soap and water. No matter if you’re at work, on the road or at home, know how you can keep good hygiene in order to keep germs and bacteria away.

Portable Sinks
One of the best ways to remind your family to wash their hands is to have a portable hand wash sink. This is especially ideal if access to indoor sinks isn’t convenient. Going camping? Pack along that portable sink so your family can have a proper hand-washing unit, even in the mountains. Spending time at the beach? Bringing along a portable hand sink is one way to ensure your family learns good hand washing habits.

Hand Washing Tips

  1. Wash before, during and after you prepare a meal.
  2. Wash before you eat so you won’t end up contaminating your food.
  3. Wash before you care for someone sick so you won’t bring germs and wash right after that to dispel germs and bacteria from infecting you any further.
  4. Wash after you’ve coughed, sneezed or blown your nose. Do it after handling your pets or their food, touching the garbage and feeding an animal as well.
  5. Wash before and after you’ve treated a wound.

These tips should help you protect yourself and your family from germs.

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