Great Do-It-Yourself Tips for Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance in West Chester, OH

Ideally, kitchen plumbing delivers sanitary water and carries away wastewater efficiently and without interference. However, misuse and improper upkeep along with normal wear and tear can reduce the efficiency and functionality of kitchen plumbing. To keep pipes and fittings operating correctly, it’s beneficial to perform regular kitchen plumbing maintenance in West Chester, OH. A homeowner can implement the following upkeep suggestions.

Clean the Faucet Aerator

A smart way to perform kitchen plumbing maintenance in West Chester, OH is to clean the faucet aerator. Lime and sediment buildup can clog the tiny openings of the aerator. Unscrew the aerator from the faucet in a counterclockwise direction. It may be necessary to use pliers to loosen the aerator. Once loose, take the aerator apart. Soak the aerator in a small cup of vinegar for about one hour. Next, use a cloth to dislodge grime and debris. Rinse thoroughly and replace the aerator.

Prevent Drain Clogs

It’s important to never put substances such as coffee grounds, paper towels, fibrous foods, and cooking grease down the drain. Put these materials in the garbage before cleaning any dishes. Hot water helps flush cooking grease out of the plumbing system. After using the sink for cleaning dishes, run a steady stream of hot water for about two minutes. It’s also beneficial to put 1/2 baking soda down the drain once a week. Allow this to sit for 30 minutes and flush with hot water.

Check Visible Plumbing Parts Regularly

It’s beneficial to regularly inspect the visible parts of the kitchen plumbing. This involves looking into the cabinet underneath the sink. Use a flashlight with a high-intense beam. View the drain pipes. This hardware should fit tightly together. Look for rust spots and loose pipes. Also, check out the other visible parts of the kitchen plumbing to find defects.

By using these tips, a homeowner can keep kitchen plumbing working right. This can prevent costly repairs to the plumbing system. It can also deter water damage to belongings. For information on plumbing services, please Click Here to view the website of AA Plumbing. The plumbing experts at this company can handle many services including Plumbing Maintenance in West Chester OH and kitchen remodeling.

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