Advice That Might Be Offered by a Residential Septic Tank Cleaning Service Close to Lima OH

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Plumbing

Private septic systems on rural properties must be cleaned out every so often to keep them functioning properly and to prevent backups. A Residential Septic Tank Cleaning Service close to Lima OH sends technicians to the property, after which they pump the tank and inspect the interior and pipes connected to it. They can provide advice in regard to water use, things that shouldn’t be flushed, and chemicals that can kill off friendly bacteria in the tank.

Reasons to Be Careful

Several reasons explain why people must be more careful with a septic system than they might be if using municipal wastewater treatment. Space is limited in the tank and the discharge is sent out to a drain field in the yard. The waste in the tank is treated with bacteria residing there and also by natural filtering through the ground. Unlike a municipal treatment plant, there is no stage where the waste is treated with chemicals.

Germicidal Products

Technicians with a Residential Septic Tank Cleaning Service close to Lima OH will be happy to talk with customers about the cleaning products used in the home that wind up going down drains and toilets. Antibacterial and antimicrobial products can cause the most trouble since they kill bacteria. Also, medication should never be flushed as it has the potential to poison groundwater in addition to killing friendly bacteria and contributing to bacterial resistance.

Paper-Based Items

Some paper products and other items are marketed as being biodegradable when they really shouldn’t be flushed. Sanitary wipes, tampons and paper towels may eventually dissolve, but that can take a very long time. In the meantime, they can clog up filters and pipes in the system.

Tampons and other bulky items can eventually cause a sewer backup because they take up so much space. Technicians from a company like Bluffton Aeration would need to provide emergency service. More information on this particular company can be seen at Visit the website

Other Substances to Avoid

Some substances may gum up the system. Any facial or body cleansers that contain microbeads, for instance, do not entirely dissolve. Excessive use of oil-based products that wind up going down drains also can cause trouble. Find us on Facebook!

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